Expressionism Facts

-started in Germany end of 19th century

-Uses bright, strong colors to emphasize a subjective view as opposed to an objective view of reality

-Tended to be darker and more somber than its sister movement, fauvism

Franz Marc Facts



-Founded Blue Rider Journal which focused on the expressionist movement in Germany

-Created mainly animals in their habitat; simplicity was common in his work

-In his work the color blue was used to express masculinity and spirituality, yellow depicted femininity and joy

21st Century Artist


Walton Ford  far_shores_542

Cubism: Pablo Picasso-Joey

-founded by Pablo Picasso and George Braque in Paris between 1907-1914

-rejected the tradition in art of recreating nature and instead was far more abstract

-Played with vantage points and the two dimensional nature of the canvas

-22,000 known pieces of work

-arguably the most important art figure of the twentieth century, influenced all movements that arose during his career

-Guernica arguably his most famous piece, demonstrated how his abstract art could still be socially conscious

Three-Musicians-By-Pablo-Picasso images Picasso_Fine_Art_desktop_ml0010

21st century artist
-Carol Manasse

Woman Diver

Marcel Duchamp

Born in southern France and known for painting, writing, and chess playing

After WW1 he rejected the works of his colleagues as retinal.

Is famous for his Readymades which stretch the idea of how much influence an artist must have in creating the piece, if any.


A non art genre created by non artist

Arose from the disgust towards the Great War and the loss of confidence in humanity by many artists in the genre

Disbanded when the movement was beginning to become accepted

21st century artist
Yoko Ono

Erte (Romain de Tirtoff):

Born Romain de Tirtoff to an affluent family in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Was influenced at a early age by miniature Persian sculptures his father had

His work influenced the world of theatre, film, fashion and helped develop the art movement know as Art Deco.

Art Deco:

Name derived from French art exhibit titled exposition Internationale des arts decoratifs.

Art focused on the decorative and architectural creations, with admiration to modernity of the machine.

Artists attempted to create clean, streamlined products that look like they had been mass produced by machine.

21st century artist: Sian Williams

Hans Hofmann

At 16 worked as assistant to director of public works and gained a patent for an electromagnetic comptometer.

In 1904 his instructors felt he had so much potential that they helped Hume relocate to Paris

Held the chair of the art department position at the UC Berkeley

Abstract Expressionism

Spawned by the anxieties and the darker side of humanity show in the world wars

Huge scale, lack of subject, serendipitous

Works meant to be a signature of the artists identity

21st Century artist: Igal Fedida


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