About the W.A.R.P

The Weekly Artist Research Project (WARP)

Posted on March 17, 2014

This term we will be building a class blog by combining weekly research on a particular movement and artist.

  • Every FRIDAY you will be provided with an artist to research
  • For the following FRIDAY you are responsible for providing:
  1. An abbreviated biography of the artist, including any interesting facts
  2. Information about the movement, style and subject matter in which the artist worked
  3. 1 image of the artist themselves, and 5 (no more than 10) images of important works by that artist including; names, dates, and size of work
  4. Describing the media and technique used by the artist, and any influences/inspiration for creating the work
  5. A personal reflection/critique of the artist and their artwork
  6. Bibliography including and links or videos

STEPS 1-6 must be organized, edited and posted to the appropriate content folder on the class blog EVERY Friday.


To prepare you for the WARP and our in class Compare and Contrast discussions for the week, you are required to provide the following (in bulleted or abbreviated form) in your student content folder by the first class of the week (Week 1 Tuesdays and Week 2 Mondays).

  • 3 Facts about the artistic movement
  • 3 Facts about your assigned artist
  • A 21st century artist to compare and contrast your artist to (social/political, technique, material connection)
  • 3 images of your artists work, and 1 image of the 21st century artists work



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