Art Finds

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise–The Avett Brothers

video reminded me of Pop Art. has wayne thiebaud-ish style (flat/roughly painted colors, strong outlining, use of shadows + buildings/roads/telephone lines etc) and deals with ideas of consumption


deCordova Sculpture Park – Please select one sculpture to investigate, and prepare to present to the class.

Nick Cave at the ICA – Please continue your investigation on Nick Cave by viewing the ICA exhibition page.

Compare Graffiti to Street Art- what are similarities and differences? Is Yarn bombing graffiti or street art? What message does it send?

Work from the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art 20140329-052615.jpg20140329-064648.jpg

See it/Hear it:

20140329-052637.jpg 20140329-052700.jpg 20140329-052716.jpg 20140329-052724.jpg 20140329-052737.jpg 20140329-052745.jpg 20140329-052805.jpg 20140329-052816.jpg 20140329-052826.jpg 20140329-052834.jpg


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