W.A.R.P Prep Example

WARP Prep Example

Movement: Surrealism

Artist: Salvador Dali

3 Facts About Surrealism:

  • Is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s
  • The aim was to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality”
  • Works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur

3 Facts About Artist: 

  • Born May 11, 1904 Figueres, Spain – Died January 23, 1989 in Figueres, Spain
  • His best-known work, The Persistence of Memory, was completed in August 1931 employed extensive symbolism in his work. For instance, the hallmark “melting watches” that first appear in The Persistence of Memory suggest Einstein’s theory that time is relative and not fixed.

3 of the Artists Images:


 21st Century Artist Comparison and 1 Image: Greg Drasler (<– Link to website)



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